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Bot is a versatile configurable bot ready to upgrade your Discord server.
Also includes music from game utilities and much more!

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Features of Bot
We provide you the best features in Bot!
Audio Filtering

Boost up your voice channel with 512kbps audio, bassboost, nightcore, and 18 more filters.

DJ Only Mode

Only DJ roles and users can control the music.

Reaction Controller

Control the music without enter the commands.

INFO Commands

Use [@Panais#5582 help] for full commands list.

Commands Description
avatar Be able to view the avatar of a server member
serverinfo Returns Info About Server
weather Returns weather forecast
help Return all commands, or one specific command
botinfo Show status bot
node see status of node
ping Check Ping Bot

MUSIC Commands

Commands Description
play Plays a Song/Playlist in your VoiceChannel
skip Skip the currently playing song
autoplay Toggle music autoplay
stop Stops the music
clearqueue Clear Queue
filters Set EqualizerBand
grab Grabs And Sends You The Song That Is Playing At The Moment
join Join voice channel
leave Leave voice channel
loop Toggle music loop.
lyrics Prints the lyrics of a song
nowplaying Show now playing song
pause Pause the currently playing music
queue Show the music queue and now playing
remove Remove song from the queue
resume Resume currently playing music
search search for a song from youtube
seek Seek the currently playing song
shuffle Shuffle queue
skipto Forward song
volume Change volume of currently playing music


Commands Description
create Creates the user's playlist
delete Delete your saved playlist
info Get information about your savedplist playlist
list To List The Playlist
load Play the saved Playlist
removetrack Removetrack from your saved Playlists
savecurrent Add current playing song in your saved playlist
savequeue Save current playing queue in your playlist

CONFIG Commands

Commands Description
247 24/7 in voice channel
adddj Set Dj Role
removedj Remove Dj Role
setprefix Set Custom Prefix
setup Set Custom Music channel
toggledj Toggle Dj mode

UTILITY Commands

Commands Description
translate Translating messages into another language
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